Corona Virus Update

SMART Nation:

As you all know, the current challenges to our personal health and financial well-being are significant and require constant review. Since early March, we have been encouraging everyone to exercise individual caution when dealing with the spread of the Coronavirus. It appears all your efforts are having a positive impact on the spread of the Coronavirus among our work groups, as we have no reported cases among our team. Please continue to be vigilant regarding this matter.

Our focus on the safety and wellbeing of our Team Members has always been something we take seriously and will be continued with renewed and expanded considerations going forward. Since public information and perception continues to be sometimes confusing and often helpful, I am appointing David Johns at the Orlando Support Center as the sole contact for information regarding our policies and procedures through the duration of the Coronavirus matter. David and Rosa Wedge, our Director of Human Resources, along with Bart Boling and our Reginal Directors have been reviewing daily all matters associated with the noted virus outbreak since early March and there is already a great deal of information in our stores that will answer many questions we may have.

I want to avoid information overload and mis-information. To that end, I encourage everyone to use the contact information outlined in our emails over the last ten days and in particular this past weekend. If your questions are not answered when reviewing these, please contact David Johns or Rosa Wedge at: David or Rosa will provide the most recent information available and handle each situation ASAP. For your convenience, this email is available on our web site at under the Media tab.

I call on each of us to remain focused on our business and diligent about our personal health. Finally, I ask you to review the posters that have been in our stores for some time regarding cautionary practices to stop the spread of the Coronavirus; as these practices are working.

I wish all of us and our families well during this difficult time.

John Thedford